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Outbound IVR Voice Broadcasting

Automate your outbound calling with Anveo Call Campaigns

Create effective outbound call campaigns powered by Anveo Call Flow. Reach thousands participants worldwide and generate results in minutes.
Anveo helps you to maximize the outcome of your call campaigns. Create powerful advanced call campaigns quickly and easily using Anveo's Call Campaigns solution. Create, execute and track phone based surveys, voice broadcasts, political campaigns, consumer polls, emergency phone notifications and more!
How Anveo Can Help / Business Case Example
Situation: You have a list of phone numbers to 1,000 households that you want to survey as efficiently as possible. Your survey will ask five questions, save the responses, thank them and end the call. You plan to conduct the same survey in the future with a different set of phone numbers. After each campaign you want to store the results in your in-house business application.

Solution: Use Anveo's Visual Designer to create a Call Flow that will ask the five questions, save the results and give you the additional option to save the results to your in-house business application. Use Anveo's Call Campaign solution to:
# Create the call campaign with your company's caller ID
# Load participants from Excel
# Add/Remove participants realtime
# Schedule the start date/time for the campaign
# Automatically redial participants when busy
# Display real-time results online
# Make use of Anveo's realtime dynamic call campaign control including pause and resume options, dialout speed, etc.

Create your own IVR Call Flow
Anveo offers greater flexibility, more options and more control over your Call Campaigns. Anveo's Call Campaign is so much more than a simple voice broadcast solution. With Anveo's Visual Call Flow Designer you can visually create customized IVR for call campaign participant interaction.
Load participants from Excel
Anveo allows you to easily load participants from Excel file.
Execute call campaigns anywhere in the world, saving money with Anveo's lower international call rates.
Pay As You Go
Manage your call campaigns efficiently. With Anveo there is no need to worry about buying "units" since you will be charges by time and only pay for the actual minutes used. There is no setup fees and our rate is as low as $0.02 per minute.
Integrate Your Business Data
Integrate customer names, account balances, due dates and more into your call campaigns! Anveo offers you the ability to dynamically retrieve call participant data from your in-house business application realtime into your Call Campaign.
Web Based Management
Manage, execute and modify your call campaigns online with Anveo
Web Based Reporting and Tracking
Monitor call campaign progress realtime and view completed call campaign results all online.
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