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Powerful Visual IVR Call Flow

High Powered and Easily Configured
Anveo's Visual IVR Call Flow is the main reason that Anveo truly excels over its competition. Anveo gives you more options and flexibility to design call handling and call interaction.

How Anveo Can Help / Business Case Example
Situation: You are an eBay reseller and need a 24x7 automated phone line for existing customers to check the status of their sale items. You also want to give the option to speak to a business representative. You want the calls routed to both you and your support staff phones during business hours and to Voice Mail with email delivery after hours..

Solution: Get an Anveo phone number and within minutes you can visually configure your Anveo phone to:
  • Automatically greet and prompt the caller
  • Retrieve the item's sale status from your in-house IT system.
  • Automatically transfer the call if the user wants to speak to someone.
  • Check your business schedule and Google Calendar. Route the call to you and your support staff or to Voice Mail.
  • Voice Mail messages can be delivered to your email address.

Visual IVR Call Flow Designer
IVR Call Flows can be easily created using Anveo's online Visual Designer. Simply drag-and-drop the building blocks (Call Flow Controls) that you want as you create your call flow.
Call Flow Management
Anveo provides a powerful set of Call Flow management options. You can make a copy of any Call Flow, download Call Flow to a file, import Call Flow from the file and even share your Call Flow with others.
Business-Based Call Flow Templates
As easy as it is to use Anveo's Visual Designer, it can be even easier with the use of Anveo's many business based call flow templates. You're free to customize any template to suit your business needs. Additionally, you can visit the Anveo online community to see what Call Flows other Anveo users have created.
Data Integration Capability
Anveo Call Flow can be integrated with your in-house IT system's business data. With minimal technical expertise, you can bring elements from your database into your Call Flows.
How Anveo Call Flow can be used
There are a number of ways how Anveo Call Flow can be used:
  • You can get Anveo phone number from over 48 countries and use Anveo Call Flow to handle incoming calls.
  • Anveo Call Flow can be used to empower Anveo ContactME button for your website. This way you can customize the way ContactMe button handles the call.
  • Call Flow can be used with a Call Campaign to provide flexible call interaction experience from a simple voice broadcast to advanced phone based political surveys.
  • Anveo Call Flow can empower Anveo Communicator.
  • Developers can use Anveo Call Flow to create powerful internet enabled Voice 2.0 applications.
Anveo Call Flow Highlights
  • Web Based Visual Call Flow Designer
  • 28 powerful Call Flow Controls to choose from
  • Text to Voice Capability
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Ring multiple phones
  • Mid-conversation call transfer between phones
  • Mid-conversation call switch to different phones
  • Custom Music on Hold with multiple audio formats supported
  • NEW Ability to place callers into a conference call
  • NEW Capability to receive FAXes
  • NEW Capability to answer a phone call using Gizmo or Skype client
  • Powerful Voicemail
  • Can send Instant Messages to popular IM clients (ICQ, AIM, GTALK, MSN)
  • HTTP based Voice and Data integration with your in-house business applications
  • Many Call Flow templates and examples to help you get started
  • NEW Option to Save/Load Anveo Call Flow to/from a file
  • NEW Ability to share Call Flow with other Anveo users
  • plus MORE!
For more information about Anveo Call Flow features please review various Anveo Call Controls details.
We also have an online demonstration to show how easy it is to use Anveo Visual Call Flow Designer.

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Visual Call Flow Designer
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