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Company Information

Anveo is on the leading edge in developing advanced Voice 2.0 technology. Anveo is an innovative high-tech company with headquarters located in the USA suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Anveo offers the world’s most innovative communication platform for Voice and Data Integration services. Powerful, yet flexible and easy-to-use, Anveo is an elegant solution to today's communication needs worldwide.

Anveo was founded by IT veteran and former rocket scientist Denis Chukhryaev in 2006 with a vision of building a communication platform with flexible interactive Voice and Data integration capabilities that can be used by anyone without the need for specific technical knowledge or infrastructure investment.

Denis Chukhryaev graduated from the Department of Aerophysics and Space Research of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) (MIPT) in 1997 with a Master of Science degree in Physics (which corresponds to Americal PhD degree in Physics) and a Master of Science degree in Mathematics. He has over a decade of experience in business development, information technology and science. Denis is a well regarded IT Systems Architect in the Life Science industry where he has led the design and development of a number of large-scale enterprise systems for major corporations including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb and others.

"Anveo is a cutting-edge communication platform available as a service worldwide. Combining powerful features with built in ease of use, Anveo simplifies the transition to Voice 2.0 and makes it easy to take control of your communication needs."

Denis Chukhryaev,
Founder & CEO

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