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Click to Call/ContactME Buttons and Widgets

Click to Call and ContactME buttons and Widgets powered by Anveo
Click to Call buttons for your web presence or e-mail signature to stay connected with online community.
NEW Anveo has released an update to its Click to Call solution which includes HTML based Click to Call buttons. HTML based Click to Call buttons can be easily customized to match any website's color theme. HTML based Click 2 Call buttons include the same powerful Call Flow integration options!
How Anveo Can Help / Business Case Example
Situation: You own a small business. You not only want your online visitors to be able to call your business from your web site but to get the type of response typical of a much larger corporation. For example, when a call is placed via ContactME, you want to prompt the caller to press 1 to reach Sales or press 2 to reach Customer Service. Before routing the call to your cell phone, you want your Google calendar to be automatically checked. If you're in a meeting, you want the call routed to your secretary or to your voicemail if the secretary is not available. You don't have an IT department and don't want to hire an expensive consultant.

Solution: Use Anveo's Visual Call Flow Designer to configure the call response to prompt the callers, check the calendar and transfer calls as necessary. Then simply add the automatically generated Anveo ContactMe button to your website.
Maintain full control over who can call you, when they can call and from what country they can call.
Customizable look and feel
Customize the look and feel of your Anveo ContactME buttons to match your corporate web presence. You can change colors, upload corporate logos and customize text on your ContactMe buttons.
Distribute and Track
An Anveo ContactME button can be posted on any web site. Over 20 popular sites support automated Anveo ContactME button posting! Changes to your button will automatically appear wherever you have used it. With Anveo you will always know who has contacted you using your Anveo ContactMe button.
Flexible Call Handling
Configure call responses by taking advantage of Anveo's powerful Call Flow engine using Visual Designer with user-friendly interface. Using Call Flow you can give your ContactMe button callers and your dial-in callers the same or different call experiences based on how you design the Call Flows. Call Flow is so flexible that you can configure which options to present to callers, even have your Google calendar checked to determine whether and whether to transfer calls to your cell phone, secretary, Skype or Gizmo Client. And these are just a few of the options you can visually configure using Call Flow Designer.
How Much?
Anveo ContactME/'Click To Call' buttons are FREE! and you can have as many ContactMe/'Click to Calls' buttons as you need and you will only be charged for actual minutes used.
HTML based Click 2 Call button examples
You may click them to see how they work.
Small Button
A button ready to call
A button with contact information

ContactMe Flash Widget example
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