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Anveo - Voice 2.0 Communication Platform.

Create powerful Phone Applications with Anveo communication platform.
Power and Flexibility
Anveo's Communication Platform provide a simple way to rapidly design and deploy powerful Voice 2.0 Phone Applications without the need for phone application development expertise. Using Anveo's visual tools, you can rapidly design and deploy phone applications even with extensive data integration capabilities including real-time data exchange between your phone application and any website or a third-party system.

Phone applications created with Anveo can be:
  • Assigned to phone numbers from around the World.
  • Integrated into any website using Anveo ContactME buttons or widgets or using Anveo API
  • Used with Call Campaigns
  • Executed on-demand using Anveo Phone API
Great Features
Anveo Call Flow provides many great features.
Low Prices and No Contract
Flexible subscription options include the Pay as You Go plan with consistently low rates.
SALEGet Anveo phone numbers from around the world for you phone application starting at $1.49/month with free minutes included!

Phone Application Examples
The list bellow contains sample phone applications that you can demo. To try an example, call the indicated Anveo Toll Free number or click the ContactMe button at the bottom of the list and enter the indicated extension. To see how easy it was to create the example using Anveo's Visual Call Flow, click the example name.

Main Phone Application Main sample Phone Application which manages extensions and call transfers to examples below.
Hello World Call (215) 701-0680 ext:201 and Anveo will say "Hello World"
CallerID Call (215) 701-0680 ext:202 and Anveo will say your CallerID number.
Voicemail Call (215) 701-0680 ext:203 and leave a voicemail message. A copy of the voicemail message will be forwarded to '' email address as well as stored online at
Local US Temperature Call (215) 701-0680 ext:204 and Anveo will prompt for US zip code; query a remote web server and read back a local temperature for the zip code entered.
Receive FAX on-demand with IM notification Call (215) 701-0680 ext:205 and Anveo: sends an IM incoming fax notification, receives the fax, forwards it to '' email address, and stores it online at
Incoming call IM notification This phone application sends IM notification about an incoming call with CallerID included in the message to your favorite IM client (MSN, AIM, ICQ and GTalk).

Advanced Examples
Advanced Call Handling Advanced Call Handling example with Google Calendar integration, multiple call handling routes, call transfers to various phone or to Gizmo client, ability to switch phones in the middle of the conversation and more!
Automated Order/Payment Verification by phone Automated Order/Payment Verification Call Flow example which Anveo uses internally to verify and confirm credit card payments.

ContactMe button powered by Anveo Example Phone Application
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