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Voice 2.0 Plaftorm for Next-Generation Applications

Visually Create Powerful Voice Applications
Anveo's Voice 2.0 Platform with online Visual Designer are the main reasons that Anveo truly excels over its competition. Anveo gives you more options and flexibility in building Voice 2.0 Applications.
Visual Call Flow Designer
There is no more custom coding required to create powerful voice applications. Using Anveo platform you can easily create Voice Applications using Anveo's online Visual Designer. Simply drag-and-drop the building blocks (Call Flow Controls) that you want as you create your application. Anveo offers over 30 powerful call controls to meet even advanced needs.
Voice Application Templates
As easy as it is to use Anveo's Visual Designer, it can be even easier with the use of Anveo's many business based call flow templates. You're free to customize any template to suit your business needs. Additionally, you can visit the Anveo online community to see what Call Flows other Anveo users have created.
Data Integration Capabilities
Anveo Voice Application can be easily integrated with other applications and IT systems. With minimal efforts, you can design your voice application to perform data exchange with other systems in real-time.
To achieve greater flexibility for your voice applications Anveo provides a way to store and manipulate runtime data during voice application excution via Call Flow variables.
Modular design for your voice application
Using Anveo extensions you can divide your voice application logic into smaller, easy to manage modules called extensions. You can create a number of extensions with voice applications assigned and then your main voice application can call Anveo extension in a way similar to calling subrotines in any programing language.
For more information about Anveo Call Flow features please review various Anveo Call Controls details.
We also have an online demonstration to show how easy it is to use Anveo Visual Call Flow Designer.
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