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Automated Order/Payment Verification by Phone

Here is a great real life example of an advanced Anveo Voice Application.
An automated Order/Payment Verification application is used internally at Anveo to minimize online payment fraud. When the customer makes a credit card payment the following confirmation process takes place using a combination of the customer's phone number and the web:

1. Anveo initiates an Anveo API request to dial the customer's phone number and execute the verification voice application.
2. The Correct Confirmation Code and Manual Confirmation Code Call Flow variables are passed along with the Anveo API request.
3. The Anveo web page displays a confirmation code which the customer then enters using the phone key pad.
4. If the code was not entered correctly after three tries, the application reads a manual confirmation code to the customer. The customer then enters that code using the web browser. The application then executes the confirmation logic.
5. The status of the verification along with OrderID is submitted to the Anveo web server.

To read more about Anveo API please click here.
Another simular voice application is used internally at Anveo to verify and confirm customer's phone number.

Implementation time: 45 to 60 minutes.

Call Flow Screenshot
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