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Advanced Incoming Call Handling

Anveo is a very flexible platform. You can easily build powerful voice applications like the one below.
Here is an example of an advanced Anveo voice application. This application can route calls differently depending on who is calling. It can block unwanted callers, verify your business schedule, query your Google Calendar, transfer a call to various phones (or to multiple phones at once) or to your Gizmo or Skype client. Moreover, it allows you to switch phones in the middle of the conversation or send a caller to another Voice Application (Customer Support in this case).

This Voice Application can be easily extended by introducing even more features. To simplify the development process, you may split an application into a number of smaller, more manageable Voice Applications and execute them (like sub-routines) via the EXTENSION Call Control. (See Customer Support EXT in this example.)

Implementation time: 15 to 30 minutes.

Call Flow Screenshot
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