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Configure 3CX for Anveo

Below is a sample configuration only. You must modify it according to your needs and security standards.
Set up 3CX Phone System
Using your web browser, navigate to the login page of your 3CX installation

Setup Anveo SIP Trunk

1. At the main menu, click "VOIP Providers" from the list. From this menu, click the "Add Provider" option.

At the "Add VOIP Provider" screen.
Provider Name: Anveo
Country: Generic
Provider: Generic VOIP Provider
"Click Next"
2. Sip server hostname or IP:
Sip server port: 5010
Outbound proxy or hostname IP:
Outbound proxy port:
"Click Next"
3. External Number: Telephone number associated with your Anveo account
Authentation ID: Anveo sip account number"
Authentation Password: Anveo sip account password
Simultaneous calls: Your discretion
3 way authentation ID: Leave Blank
"Click Next"
4. On this screen choose to where you wish to terminate the incoming call "Click Next"
This screen
Unless you have special routing setup
"Click Finish"
5. Double click your Anveo connection, and choose the "Advanced tab"
Check the supports "re-invite" option
Click the "apply" and then "ok."
6. Go to the "Ports/Trunks Status" Check to see if your "Anveo" trunk is showing registered.
"Test incoming call"

Setup Outbound Rules

1. Click "Outbound Rules" from the menu
2. Click "Add Outbound Rules" from this screen
Name the Rule: Anveo
Set Calls from your choice on the list: Choice "Default" in not sure
Under Route 1 "Choose your Anveo " from the drop down list
Leave strip digits to "0"
Click "Apply" then "OK"
Make a test call
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