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How to troubleshoot Can Not Make Calls from OBI device

Unable to make calls from OBI device
If you are not able to make calls from OBI device please follow steps below to troubleshot.

1. Check if you OBI device is connected to Anveo by opening and review SIP STATUS (it should be GREEN/ONLINE). If OBI device is not ONLINE then follow the general steps at Troubleshoot OBI device FAQ menu

2. Are you dialing 7-digits to make local call ? If yes, then please login into OBITALK and make sure SP where you have Anveo is configured for 7-digit dialing and default area code is entered.

3. Check if you account balance is positive by opening your Anveo dashboard

4. Check if your OBITALK account is configured to use Anveo is primary line for Outgoing Calls. Login into OBITALK and click SP where you have Anveo on and select 'Primary Line for Outgoing Calls' options

5. You can also try re-provision your OBI Device from OBITALK portal. Follow steps at Re-provision OBI device FAQ menu
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