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How to migrate from to Anveo phone service.
The steps below outline a procedure to migrate from service to Anveo special for OBITALK package. If you already have existing Anveo account with paid 'E911 for' service then Anveo will issue pro-rated credit for unused months left on your E911 service.
Step 1
From the Obitalk dashboard click your OBI device and you see all Service Provider slots. Click on the unused slot (you may also delete configuration if needed)
Step 2
Click Anveo icon
Step 3
Make sure that all options are selected and click 'Sign-Up at Anveo'
Step 4
You will be directed to Anveo portal where you click 'CLICK TO GET STARTED' button
Step 4
Enter your E911 address to make sure it is covered
Step 5
If you already have existing Anveo account with E911 then click 'Use My Existing Anveo Account'. If not then click 'Open a new account' button
Step 6
Authenticate your existing Anveo account
Step 7
Review Anveo packages and then select one.
Step 8
Select Support option. You decide if it worth saving on the signup cost or use Regular Support option.
Step 9
Port your number
Step 10
Enter your phne number and click CALL to verify. Anveo will call your number and will playback porting authorization code and will also send the code via Text Message to your number
Step 11
You may read the text message from your Ring.To account dashboard
Step 12
Enter porting confirmation code and continue
Step 13
To port the number please enter your details. Enter your phone number as your account number
Step 14
Agree to the terms to have your number ported
Step 15
Review your order. Notice the credit for unused E911 service (if you have any)
Step 16
Select additional amount.We strongly suggest that you add some extra funds to cover SMS and/or overage and/or international calling.
Step 17
Pay for your order and your service will be activated within a few seconds. Porting from should be completed within 10 minutes.
Step 18
Enjoy the service !
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