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Anveo Special 911 for

Restore/re-signup/convert E911 for
The steps below outline a procedure to restore service in cases when your E911 for service has expired and you need to re-signup for 'E911 for' service or convert a regular Anveo E911 service to 'E911 for' compatible service or when you migrate service to a new OBI device.
Step 1
From the Obitalk dashboard click your OBI device and you see all Service Provider slots
Step 2
First delete OBI for
Step 3
Delete Anveo E911 for
Step 4
Click on any free slot (you may use the slots used before)
Step 5
Click icon at the bottom
Step 6
Enter your number and click Verify then click 'Restore Anveo E911 button'
Step 7
You will be sent to Anveo web site where you can complete the signup.
Step 8
If you have an existing Regular Anveo E911 then you will be prompted to convert it to compatible service
Step 9
Follow the rest of the step to review/enter your E911 address, configure E911 Alerts and pay for your order
Step 10
After paying for your order go back to your OBI dashboard and click your OBI device again and click Anveo E911 for Ring to where you can continue and restore
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