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Anveo API - Real Business Applications by Our Customers

Live Chat to Phone Call and Custom Click to Call
How One Customer Used Anveo's API Feature -- Adding Click-to-Call to a Live Chat Support System
Business Need
Live Chat is a widely used service. Sometimes there is a need to talk to a customer over the phone. Most of the Live Chat service providers do not have an ability to make phone calls to a customer during a Live Chat session. To remediate this, one Live Chat service provider recently integrated their service with Anveo's platform to be able to offer Anveo's Click-to-Call feature.
Implementation Story
Let me share our experience with Anveo API. We wanted to add a Click-to-Call feature to our product that is used around the World. The core of our Live Chat product is implemented using PHP language and MySQL database. Integration with Anveo was relatively easy. Anveo's DIAL.CONNECT API call is used to initiate a phone call between a customer support representative and online customer/visitor. One developer was assigned to work on Anveo integration and it was completed within a day.

To keep things really simple at first, we have chosen not to make use of Anveo Call Flow. However, we are considering a move towards Anveo Call Flow to offer more flexibility to our customers.

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